About Us
The mission of Jasmine’s Camp is to provide an on-going effort of developing the next generation of leaders through
leadership and moral development, during the summer school break, via sports activities and programs under the
capable supervision of  qualified athletic students and sports personnel.”

JASMINE CLAGGETT, was an amazing young woman who lost the fight to a rare cancer in June, 2015.  She had been a
“Make a Wish” child at the age of 4, losing a kidney to this disease.  God had other plans. Jasmine went on to go
through school, ultimately graduating with a Master’s in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training from West Virginia Wesleyan
University.  She was hired by UPMC Sports Medicine as the athletic trainer at the Obama Academy.  She served
faithfully for a short time, until the cancer returned and claimed her young, beautiful life.  The impact of Jasmine’s
amazing personality and skill, led her Alma Mater, WVWU, to rename their Bobcat Track Invitational to “The Jasmine
Claggett Track Invitational.”  A scholarship was opened in her name and at least two students have been recipients to
date.  In addition, UPMC Sports Medicine renamed their Rookie of the Year Award to the “Jasmine Claggett Rookie of
The Year Award.”  

Jasmine was a faithful servant of God, serving in many capacities over the years at her home Church, Mount Carmel
Baptist Church in North Versailles, Pa., where her father, Deacon Dwight Claggett, and her mother, Deaconess Karen
Claggett, as well as her sister, (Deaconess in training) Kara Claggett Overby serve faithfully.  Her wonderful brother-in-
law, Shaun Overby, completes a family in service to God and community.

The camp opened in July of 1016, and was a tremendous success.  We were able to host 28-30 youth ages 11-14.  We
were blessed to hire four athletic students (two from WVWU), who have committed to this years camp, and two from
local colleges in the Pittsburgh area. Now, we need your support.  The camp must be expanded to include ages 8-16,
and we must hire more athletic students as well as adult supervisors.  The camp will host children from anywhere who
can get to it.  But the number will be limited to the amount of funds that accommodate staff.  All proceeds go directly to
the operation of the camp.  We require no money from parents. The children are fed twice a day, with good, healthy
food provided by Touching Families, Inc., in Homestead, Pa.

On behalf of the Claggett family, we want to thank you for being here.  We solicit your continued support throughout the
year.  All financial information is available through our accountants, J.P. Myers, and Associates in Carnegie, Pa., and we
are 501c3 approved.
Charitable giving receipts will be given upon request at all times.  You may send donations and make checks payable
to: A.N.O.P. (An Ounce Of Prevcention) c/o Mount Carmel Baptist Church, 90 Port Perry Rd., North Versailles, Pa.
Thank You!


PURPOSE: To continue the work that Jasmine Claggett loved, in her name, that other young people might benefit from it.

IT'S DESIGN: Jasmine was an Athletic Trainer, who despite her physical disability (cancer) chose a profession in
Athleticism.  She excelled in her schooling and in her profession.  The design of the Jasmine's Camp program is to
assist young athletes in any way possible:
Scholarships - to be given at the recommendation of their High School Coaches, along with some standards set by our

Exposure - To underwrite young athletes to attend games, go to training camps, experience whatever the athletic
environment offers to them, that they might not otherwise afford.

Local - Jasmine lived in a rather secluded area in North Versailles, Pa., called Crestas Terrace.  It is predominantly
African American, but has a fair amount of Hispanic and Caucasian families as well. This also includes a rather
underdeveloped area called Rolling Woods, which houses approximately 72 single parent homes, 6 of which are
headed by me.  The local piece to Jasmine's camp is two-fold:
1. To give college students summer employment by hiring them to work with the children of these families during the
summer (something I did when I was in college).

2. To expose these at risk children to a world they never experience: parks and recreations during the summer, sporting
events, etc.

HOW TO SUPPORT: By soliciting funds from corporations, the private sector, universities, etc.  A 501c3 is being worked
on for this purpose, but until it is complete and approved, I have received permission from the Board of our non-profit to
be a fiduciary with a separate account.

Need: We need the input and advise of the sports environment, including board representation.

West Virginia Wesleyan , Sports Dept.
Mount Carmel Baptist Church, North Versailles, Pa.
Dr. Yram Groff, Orthopedic Surgeon, UPMC Shadyside Hospital
Dr. Vonda Wright, Medical Director, UPMC Sports Medicine, Lemieux Complex